1050, the New Laboratory Machine Concept: NOLL at POWTECH

// 30.09.2022
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With their intelligent systems engineering, Aufbereitungstechnologie NOLL (NOLL Processing Technology) has been a renowned partner in R & D for three decades. At POWTECH exhibition, stand 4A-229, in Nuremberg/Germany, 27-29 September, the company presents its new compact class model: ultra-cost-efficient, flexible and user-friendly like no other.



With multifunctional laboratory system 1050, NOLL has set a new standard, Ulf Noll explains: “It’s a concept unprecedented in the compact class. Standardized and extremely flexible at the same time, and with a purchase price of less than 100,000 €, it is more cost-efficient to operate than any other laboratory machine on the market. In engineering and construction design, user-friendliness has been our principal objective.”



Air classifier or mill? – Change in no time!


1050 shows how easy multifunction in the laboratory can be! The system features two equipment options: Either working as dynamic air classifier SeparaNo® 1050 E or as opposed jet mill MultiNo® 1050. Both options operate on the same basic construction frame – and it takes just a couple of minutes to change the classifier and mill modules! Purchased with air classifier only, the system is upgradable anytime with a MultiNo®-M/S/M module – or vice versa. Both modules allow inert gas operation (argon, nitrogen).



Finally! A mobile system that gets though your door.


Ultra-compact design, easy to use and clean: The 1050 system is mobile, gets through any standard door (200 x 80 cm) and has an exceptionally large 10-inch touch panel in its housing desk. The users’ manual can be integrated into the touch panel, making the system work like a smartphone.



No more transfers: Fines filled directly into your sample container.


Another unique feature of 1050: After fractionizing or milling, the fines are directly filled into standard containers, e.g. sample boxes and jars, ranging from 0.5 to 5.0 litres capacity, as required. Transferring the powder into other containers is no longer necessary. This considerably minimizes the potential release of unhealthy dusts. A fines sample is immediately ready for storage or can be passed right on to applications testing.



A wide range of applications


The laboratory R & D system 1050 can be used for testing and small-quantity production in almost any field: from foodstuffs to metallurgy.


Application examples: Fractionizing with air classifier SeparaNo® 1050 E

– high-quality powders for 3D print or surface coating:

dust removal of metal powders (2 -15 µm) or of polymer powders such as PA, PP, POM PS, PE, TPU (10 – 20 µm).

– fractionizing of minerals, inorganic pigments and chemical products.

– protein shifting of vegetables, e.g. leguminosae.


Application examples with opposed jet mill MultiNo® 1050

Inorganic and organic products such as pigments, oxides, waxes, activated carbon.

Minerals such as zeolites, clay, mica, talcum.



Classifier revolutions: 3,000 to 24,000 1/min

Classifying wheel materials: stainless steel, ceramic, Nollan (PA12 G)

Fineness range: D97% = 2 – 60 µm

Dimensions: 1720 x 750 x 1950 cm





About Aufbereitungstechnologie NOLL GmbH


Aufbereitungstechnologie NOLL GmbH (NOLL Processing Technology) in Bobingen/Germany is the specialist for dry milling and refinement of powders in the ultra-fine micron and nano range 2 µm – 20 µm.

NOLL’s engineering solutions allow its international clients to use powders in new dimensions of quality, for specific applications in the re- and upcycling industries, in pioneering green technologies and future products.

The company’s portfolio comprises multifunctional processing systems, mills and air classifiers, from the compact R & D laboratory machine for smallest quantities, up to large systems designed for industrial-scale powder processing by the tons.


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