NOLL engineering opens new perspectives

How can you best process your products, how can you optimize your fine grinding systems design?

Our engineering opens new perspectives that can make all the difference! Analytical, open-minded and ingenious, we often see technological possibilities you didn’t even dream – and can make them real.

Hard stuff. Easy for us.

Through our ultra-fine grinding technology, materials become precious powders. Our machines process a remarkable diversity of substances: soft wax, hard metals, going up to Mohs hardness 10. In our opposed jet mills even diamonds are micronised into finest particles.
Our machines micronise, homogenize and classify. You may also benefit from our intelligent combining of two or more treatments – e.g. milling & coating, or milling & mixing –, making refinement even more efficient.

Full service systems engineering and processing technology.

Smart planning sets the framework for efficient energy use and your powder processing facility’s profitability. We provide assistance in system design, acquisitions, modification or fine-tuning. With intelligent engineering, for the small technical laboratory unit and up to entire production systems. With first-class consulting on how a pioneering solution may look.

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