Standard Processing



NOLL can do it: ultra-precise micronisation, homogenization and classification without destroying the particles’ molecular structure. We work in classic applications, e.g. the processing of natural materials, as well as in innovative, expanding applications like the miscellaneous use of high-tech carbon fiber.

Our structure-retaining technologies include particle size reduction <40 μm, and down to the nano range <2000 nm. The specialist for these tasks is our opposed jet mill MultiNo®-M/S/M. Without the abrasion of grinding elements it achieves excellent and contamination-free results, even with very pure, hard or temperature-sensitive products.


Natural products

Organic materials or minerals, with fragile leaf structure (talc, mica) or needle structure (wollastonite).


Chemical-synthetic products

e.g. calcium silicate hydrate, or Nano Tube, the carbon fiber with finest tubular structures for use in automotive and aircraft applications.


Ultra-gentle micronisation. Example zeolite.

NOLL systems stand for steep particle size distributions, sharp top cuts and high selectivity in classification. Our gentle techniques preserve and optimize the properties of materials with a microporous molecular structure – for example absorbents like zeolite. Its regular structure of pores and channels remains intact, while its overall particle surface and absorption capacity (e.g.of heavy metals) can be considerably increased. See also GREATER SURFACE AREA & SURFACE ACTIVATION.


Our specialities

Iron- to contamination-free processing of small and large batches and various processing procedures for applications with the following poperties:

  • stickiness (resins)
  • abrasiveness (silicon carbide)
  • sensitivity to temperature
  • hygroscopic (salts)
  • elasticity (rubbers)
  • extreme fineness (toner)
  • ductility (polymers) high purity (silica)
  • plasticity (waxes)
  • homogeneity (pigments)
  • extreme hardness (silicon carbide)
  • specialties (dental)

Quality control

Our production facilities in Bobingen, Germany, are fitted with modern CILAS laser particle size determination machinery, LS 200 sieve analysis, and JEL sieve tower. Productions are  documented using customerspecific or NOLL production protocols, machinery and shift logbooks and ERP system with charge backtracking.

We build machinery for but do not process

  • Foodstuffs and luxury foodstuffs
  • pharmaceuticals
  • carcinogenic
  • very toxic or radioactive oxidizing products
  • We neither process dust explosive products with an ultimate pressure above 10 bar.

You deliver:

  • Big bags up to 1,000 kg
  • Drums, barrels, containers up to 50 kg
  • Paper foil bags sewed or drilled up to 25 kg

We pack:

  • Big bags up to 1,000 kg
  • Drums, barrels, containers up to 200 litres
  • Paper foil bags sewed or drilled up to 25 kg

We package:

  • Big bags
  • Drums
  • Barrels
  • Containers
  • Paper foil bags

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