Milling and classifying with a green thumb.

Go into sustainable production and save energy at the same time! NOLL systems engineering provides you value added in many ways: economical and ecological.


  • Optimise processes
  • Reduce wear
  • Minimize costs
  • Save energy and raw material
  • Reduce emissions
  • Apply highest environmental and safety standards

Learn more about exciting new ideas we’ve put into practice!

Systems Engineering

Always the most economical solution.

Smart planning in the engineering phase sets the framework for efficient energy use and profitability. Your powder processing facility will benefit from our core competence: professional energy management which opens enormous potential for the reduction of your operating costs.


Energy Tuning

Make your technology smarter.

It’s never too late for the smart use of resources. Our individual tuning helps you and your powder processing equipment gain new competitive prospects. You may also profit from our technologically objective consulting: we offer energetic and economic optimization for third party systems and machinery. In system design, modification and maintenance.


Sustainable benefit for everyone

Re-directing materials into the productive cycle.

Aware of our responsibility to future generations, we see ourselves as partner in pioneering technologies. We specialize in regaining materials and re-directing them into the productive cycle. Recognizing inherent material value: it’s the most economical solution for all.

Performance Example:

Selective grinding: regaining precious materials.

“Costly waste disposal”? With intelligent processing, do without it!

Selective grinding of contaminated material solves an important problem today: Innovative classifying procedures and selective grinding are effective methods to purify contaminated powders in order to regain the valuable materials they contain.

Examples are the reduction of quartz in clay powders, the elimination of finest metallic contaminations (titanium dioxide) in ceramic glazes, or the separation of zinc oxide and zinc metals.

To regain aluminum from aluminum-plastic foils, the synthetic (1.0 g/cm3) and aluminum (3.5 g/cm3) have to be separated. In a first step, the material is deagglomerated and its particles rounded by impact jet mill DemiNo® . The aluminum can then be extracted using the dynamic air classifier SeparaNo®. In a second step, the regained material is processed to powder, with optional further micronisation.

The specific product characteristics and individual refinement objectives determine which processing systems are chosen for selective grinding: whether it’s DemiNo® and SeparaNo® and/or MultiNo M/S/M®, the patented opposed jet mill for the grinding, classifying and mixing on only one system. The machines can be connected in continuous, online operation according to process and product requirements.

The result is highest product purity: valuable raw materials that can be re-directed into the productive cycles.

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